Personal Injury 

If you are harmed by someone else at no fault of your own, you can seek compensation for your medical expenses, any permanant scarring or disabilites, and for the inconvenience often called "pain and suffering."  Personal injury cases can become very complicated involving competing insurance companies, allegations of "contributory negligence" and the other party (or their insurance carrier) challenging the validity of your injuries or their severity.

We have all seen the commercials. The insurance companies are in business to make money, not pay money.  The adjusters that work for insurance companies do not represent you and do not have your best interests at heart, no matter how good their "sales pitch" seems. 

Their sole job is to pay as little as possible on claims against the insurance company, and deny payment if at all possible.  They are trained to be professional salespeople. It may sound like you are getting a good deal, but I can almost guarantee, you are not.  At the same time, every injury case is unique, just as every person is unique.  There is no "standard" settlement amount in personal injury claims. Just because a friend or relative received a low, or a high, settlement figure from an incident, does not mean your case will have the same result.

Full disclosure...our firm is not an "ambulance chaser." We are selective in the personl injury cases we take. We only represent clients that have substantial injuries that could have life altering effects.  This is not a "get rich" scheme for our firm or for the clients we choose to represent.  The insurance claim industry and court proceedings, if necessary, are the methods provided by the legal system to fairly, but justly, compensate you for the injuries you have sustained at the hands of another. 

There are time limitations on presenting certain types of injury claims. And documentation must be preserved from the very beginning. The insurance companies will use every tactic possible to reduce the value of your claim.  You need an experienced personal injury attorney to protect you and your family and preserve your right to fair and just compensation.

Wrongful Death

A wrongul death claim is a personal injury claim that has resulted in a death. These claims are pursued through the estate of the deceased victim.

Please note, our firm only represents clients involving motor vehicle accidents or premises liability resulting in wrongful death.  We do not represent clients for wrongful death due to alleged medical malpractice or resulting from workplace injuries. We are glad to provide referrals to other firms that we believe can best assist you in these types of cases.